Diane Williams

VP / Branch Manager / Loan Officer, NMLS# 310452

Address: 1320 Central Park Boulevard Suite 201, Fredericksburg, Virginia 22401
O: 540.548.8855 ext 73611 M: 540.842.6031 F: 804.419.8784

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At C&F Mortgage, rest assured we are focused on you. C&F was built on the simple truth that when we pay attention to people and the community, we can make a difference. We are here to guide you on your pathway to home financing from start to finish.

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Customer Reviews

  • She was so involved with anything I needed or asked her. Was extremely patient.
    Ottoway C.
  • Easy breezy, the entire transaction was awesome from start to finish, highly recommend Diane and her team!!
    Allen L.
  • Diane and her team were so helpful and answered ALL of my questions quickly and thoroughly. She made the process as smooth as possible.
    Christina Lynn E.
  • Diane Williams and Paula did a exceptional job,they both worked with us through every detail. I would highly recommend them to anyone.great experience and great people to know.
    Patricia Marie B.
  • Knowing what you had to deal with working with WV realtor's you pulled it off and got the job done! Thanks for your support and hard work!
    Danny B.
  • Being a first time homebuyer is one of the most stressful things one can do alone, having Diane and her team to walk me through the process made made myRead more
    Larry J. L.
  • She really listened to us and helped us make it happen.
    Judith L. D.
  • Diane really knows her stuff!
    Danna Lee B.
  • Personal help
    Jack Dale C.
  • Diane Williams and Paula Turner were very professional to work with for our refinancing our home. I would recommend them without a second thought.
    Glenn L.
  • As a first time home buyer I had lots of questions and Diane was always there to answer them. She also did a great job of finding the right loan for me and explaining all of my options.
    Erica D.
  • Easy and efficient to work with. Answered all our questions, was willing to work with our odd hours due to work, and we greatly appreciate her services.
    Ryan J.
  • Diane helped me for about two years fully told me exactly what I needed to do to get to the point to buy never gave up on helping me she was wonderful through the whole process
    Ashley N.
  • This was my first experience buying home all the realtor and Realsteate agents were great and helpful
    Sayed Habiburahman N.
  • Very professional and prepared.
    William F.
  • My loan was approved.
    John D.
  • Very helpful getting credit straight to get better rate.
    Jesse E.
  • Diane was very knowledgeable, timely, thorough and friendly. She made sure everything was in order and we knew what to expect and why. I found it easy to talk toRead more
    Richard B.
  • Dianne has been the loan specialist I have ever dealt with. She made sure my husband and I knew everything from the beginning to the end and made it a great experience!!! Highly recommended
    Cierra H.
  • They are super fast!!
    Melissa A.
  • Dianne and her associate helped me navigate through this process with ease. Great experience
    Peter J.
  • Diane personally was a pleasure to work with. She is professional and courteous. I will definitely recommend her to anyone I know that needs her services.
    Krystal Y.
  • Diane guided us ecery step and went above and beyond the call to make sure we closed on time
    Bryan K.
  • Completely seamless transaction. Staff went above and beyond to work through different options to help me find the best and most financially smart way to accommodate my needs. This isRead more
    Mary K.
  • Diane was super helpful , she answered all my questions, promptly an directly. Would highly recommend her to anyone seeking a mortgage
    Christopher M.
  • Diane is very knowledgeable and efficient! She made our entire experience very pleasant!
    Wendi May C.
  • Diane answered all my questions in a timely fashion, and made the home buying experience seem effortless on my end. I would absolutely recommend her and her team at C&F to everyone I know.
    Steven B.
  • Great experience.
    Robert D.
  • My entire experience was AMAZING!! I had the best team! And I LOVE MY NEW HOME!! It’s everything I asked for and more! I couldn’t be happier!
    ShaKeiya N.
  • Diane was the very first contact I had in my home buying process, she is the one that informed me that I was approved to purchase a home & helpedRead more
    Eden C.
  • She made the home buying process easy and stress free
    Kenneth A.
  • Diane's professionalism, empathy, friendliness, and she has the Best Laugh! She's just good at what she does HANDS DOWN!!!!
    Tonya R.
  • Kind, friendly and very timely service!
    Marion S.
  • Diane was on top of it, the best loan closing we have ever experienced
    Robert J.
  • Dianne and Gabriela were wonderful to work with. We bought our home from the owner directly without a realtor involved so there was no middle man to communicate questions andRead more
    Kellylee E.
  • Diane was excellent. She helped me not only with my loan, but my communication with my builder. She is a true asset to the company, and I would give herRead more
    Sara A.
  • Ms. Williams made this process very easy for me. She took her time to explain everything, and followed up with me on a consistent basis. I greatly appreciate her time and understanding during this process.
    Krystal M.
  • We really enjoyed working with C&F. The automated DocuSign and upload processes were terrific. Everything occurred in a timely and stress-free fashion. Thanks very much
    John A.
  • I can't express how pleasant my wife and I were to have Diane Williams assist in our first time purchasing a house. Diane was very responsive to any questions orRead more
    James Michael M.
  • Great communication, walked me through everything and was able to answer any questions I had.
    Nicholas K. N.
    James R. B.
  • Diane was professional, consistent in her follow up with me and most knowledgeable about all aspects of the process. I am a very satisfied recipient of her services!
    Gloria Anita W.
  • Diane Williams and her colleagues were knowledgeable, attentive and VERY professional. A glaring difference in customer service compared to the firm that coordinated my previous mortgage refinance.
    Walter P.
  • Very personable, explained answers to most questions. Comforting when needed
    Jessica Lee O.
  • She was very professional and took the time to educate me about the whole process.
    Dewon G.
  • Explaing each step and every question along the process
    Micheal DeShawn T.
  • Walk me thru every step
    Robin Almond G.
  • Diane was very helpful and knowledgeable when we had questions pertaining to the loan. She responded to our emails quickly and was pleasant to speak with.
    Tela P. H.
  • Diane and Paula are a great team and work together to get the job done quickly and professionally.,
    Rose M. W.
  • Ms. Williams was very patient and thorough during the entire process. She walked us through our entire loan process and taught us a lot along the way. She is aRead more
    Johnetta Hill G.
  • very professional and friendly.
    Dannielle B.
  • Everyone worked together to help streamline the d process.
    Jay Allen S.
  • There were too many requests for documents And there were many calls to my office to see if I was still employed by myself. Seemed silly
    Clifton S.

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How do I download the mobile app?

When your loan officer sends you the link to apply for a loan or you click on the apply now link, this is the process to start your loan and how you download the mobile app.


Enter your email address and create a password.


Click on the link in the email you receive to download the app.


Open the app in app store to download. Download the app.


After downloading the mobile app for the first time, getting signed into the app will require a small setup process. After opening up the app, the home screen will display two options: ‘Get Started’ and ‘Sign In.’ Using the ‘Sign In’ button will be used once your username and password has been setup. For first time users, we will want to select the ‘Get Started’ button to create your account profile.


After selecting ‘Get Started’ you will be taken to a screen to enter the email address you would like to use for your account profile. Be sure to check the spelling is correct and then tap on the ‘Connect’ button to proceed. If the email listed is not listed in our system, you will then be asked to provide additional information, such as your name and phone number so that we can save that data for your loan officer’s use.


If the email address provided already is recognized in our system, rather than require more information, you will be taken to a page where we will send out a verification code to the email address. The verification code can be sent either by email or text. Select the ‘Send Code’ button to get that code issued out.


After the account profile has been created and the password set, you will be directed back to the home screen. Tap on the ‘Sign In’ button to proceed with logging into your app.


Enter the email address and password in the fields provided, then tap on the ‘Sign In’ button below, which is the login credentials are correct, will take you to the home or ‘Info’ tab of the mobile app where you can then begin to use the app as needed.

What documents do I need to apply?

To provide you with an accurate pre-qualification and process your loan application, we will ask you for a variety of documentation. Please note different programs require varying documentation.

At a bare minimum to complete your initial loan application, you will need the following:

  • 30 days paystubs
  • 2 months bank statements
  • Government issued ID
  • 2 years W-2s

In addition to the list above, if you meet any of the scenarios below we will request additional documentation:

Divorced or Separated:

  • Divorce Decree and/or
  • Separation Agreement


  • 2 years tax personal tax returns
  • Based on type of self-employment, **may need business tax returns

Social Security Income:

  • 2 years 1099
  • Awards Letter

Receiving a Monetary Gift:

  • Gift Letter
  • Based on Financing type, Gift Documentation will be different

Fully Ratified Sales Contract (Purchase only) once offer is accepted:

  • Fully Ratified Sales Contract

Veteran / VA Loan:

  • DD-214 and/or
  • Statement of Service
How do I provide my bank statements?

As a part of the loan application process, we need the last 2 months of your bank statements for your loan application. There are three ways to upload your bank statements:

  • Automatically syncing your financial institution(s) within the app (ideal scenario)
  • Digital e-statement from your financial institution(s) online banking platform
  • Scanned printed statements from your financial institution(s)

Syncing within the App

When the question comes up to verify your assets, click on the “Automatic Check” option to continue.


Select the financial institution that you work with from the thumbnail provided below, or by using the search bar to type in the name of your financial institution.


Once the institution has been selected, you will be asked to provide your online login credentials to access your online banking account. Use the same username and password that you normally use to login into your mobile banking account, then click on the “Submit” button to continue.


Our integration will then use your login information to locate your financial account details and then display a list of results confirming the account number and account balance. Check the box next to the account you wish to provide, then select the “Share Account” button to include this information in the loan application. If you have multiple accounts to provide, simply select the “+ Add Another Account” link below the results to start this process again until all assets are listed.


Once all information is entered and the loan application completed, all of this information will be securely sent to your loan officer’s loan processing system where they will be able to continue the process of getting your loan created and arrange for next steps towards completing the process.

If you could not connect your financial institution within our automatic portal, you can provide them manually to us in the following ways:

  • Digital e-statement from your financial institution(s) online banking platform
  • Scanned printed statements from your financial institution(s)

Note: We need the actual bank statement with all pages listed, even if the last page is blank. We cannot use screenshots. We need a statement for each bank account you have.

Uploading Digital E-statement

Login to your financial institution’s online platform (preferably on your desktop)

Typically, there should be a section under your account that says “Documents” or “Statements.” Below are two examples of how it might look:

On this page, you should be able to select the statements you would like to download by either a download icon (arrow pointing down) or selecting the check box next to the two months of statements you would like to download. An example of how it might look:

When you click the download button, you will need to save these as a PDF to your computer. To save, you can do so by clicking “Save As” on the initial download or if they open on your computer you can click “File” and then “Save As.” Or, you can click the “Print” icon or “File” and then “Print” then you could change the Printer to “Save to PDF.” Example below:

Finally, login to your Simple Nexus application and upload these documents directly within your portal. Go to the “Documents” tab and upload the PDF.

Scanning Printed Statements:
To scan printed statements, please view the how-to guide below that says “How do I scan documents within the mobile app?”

How do I provide my income documentation?

As the loan application is being filled out, we need 30 days of pay stubs for your loan application.  There are three ways to upload your income documentation:

  • Automatically syncing your payroll provider within the app (ideal scenario)
  • Digital pay stub PDF from your payroll provider
  • Scanned printed pay stub

Syncing within the App

You can connect automatically within our app, or you can opt to manually enter the information.


By selecting “Automatic Check” a screen will then load informing you that we will be connecting using our income provider to import that information. Click on ‘Get Started’ to begin the process.


A window will then display where “Employment Records” can be selected as the information needed. Once that is checked, select the “Submit” button to continue.


In order to locate the employment records, you will need to enter the last 4 of your Social Security Number, before clicking on the “Next” button to continue.


After a moment of searching, there will be confirmation of the employment records being found. To review the information that you want to be associated with the loan application, you can choose what type of employment record you would like, then select the “Next” button to proceed.

Note: This first record selected should be the information of your current primary employer. There will be future steps allowing to include other employers/income streams.


Once the initial employer information has been selected, the option to add additional information of employment, be it self-employed or otherwise, will be allowed. Checking those options will repeat the initial process. After all information has been added, the “No I’m done” option should be selected.


The final screen you come to will confirm that you have selected to share all the “Employment records” you chose for the application. Clicking on the “Submit” button will generate the employment report and allow you to continue filling out the remaining sections of the loan application as normal.

If your employer does not show up in the search and you receive the message below and be redirected to manually enter your income and employment information.


Screen to manually enter Employment and income if it does not automatically populate.


If you could not connect your payroll platform within our automatic portal, you can provide the following documentation manually to us:

  • Digital pay stub PDF from your payroll provider
  • Scanned printed pay stub

Note: We need a full 30 days of pay stubs, so if the last two payroll cycles are less than 30 days, please pull an additional pay stub. We need the actual PDF download, we cannot use screenshots.

Uploading Digital Pay stub PDF

Login to your payroll provider offered by your employer, such as ADP or UKG
Find your pay statement, typically under “Pay” and “Pay History.” Pay History will allow you to capture more than one pay stub, as we need 30 days. An example of how it might look:

You should either be able to select multiple pay statements and click the download icon (arrow pointing down). Or, click into each individually and click the download icon. An example of how it might look:

When you click the download button, you will need to save these as a PDF to your computer. To save, you can do so by clicking “Save As” on the initial download or if they open on your computer you can click “File” and then “Save As.” Or, you can click the “Print” icon or “File” and then “Print” then you could change the Printer to “Save to PDF.” Example below:

Finally, login to your Simple Nexus application and upload these documents directly within your portal. Go to the “Documents” tab and upload the PDF.


Scanning Printed Pay stub:

To scan printed pay stubs, please view the how-to guide below that says “How do I scan documents within the mobile app?”


How do I scan documents within the mobile app?

Uploading required documentation for your mortgage application is necessary to ensure your loan can move forward. This process can be done in one of two ways:

  1. From the web dashboard
  2. From the mobile app

Both options are perfectly fine, but they have unique aspects to it worth mentioning. Uploading a document from a mobile device has you create the document file as you go through the process using our mobile scanner feature, whereas the Web Dashboard will require the documents already be scanned in and saved to the computer being used.

Using the Mobile App, uploading documents starts by selecting the ‘Add Document’ as shown below.

add document

From Add Document, select the option that is needed to make sure you get the document uploaded.

  • Take a Picture – Start the process of getting the document(s) to your
  • Send a File – Select a file on your phone if the document is already on the
  • Drafts & Sent – Resume sending a document that you’ve already started the process with

As we are starting the process, select the ‘Take Picture’ option. (nothing will be saved to your phone)

take picture

First you will need to name the document you are uploading. There is a list of options already you can select if you find the document name that you are uploading. If you don’t see the title of the document you are uploading, you are able to name it whatever you would like. Once the document name is intact, select ‘OK’ to continue.

click ok

A scan mode option will then be displayed. Most cases, ‘Recommended setting’ works just fine for all documents, but for color documents, such as licenses and IDs, we have a ‘Requested in Color’ option for that. Choose the scan type and click ‘OK.’

scan mode

A set of scanning instructions will be shown giving the user tips on how to properly scan the document. Your camera will then turn on letting you take the photo of the document. When you have the document fully lined up properly, select the middle button on the bottom option to take the scan.

scan crop

Once the scan is taken, there will be a cropping tool that will let you make any adjustments needed. Once the adjustments are made, select the ‘Crop’ option to continue. If you need to take a scan of the document again though, you are able to click ‘Back’ to retake the scan of the document.

scan crop back

Next will be a contrast adjustment filter to make sure the document is clearly legible. Once you can read it clearly, select ‘Done’ to finalize these edits.

adjust contrast

After completing the edits to the scan, there will be a review page where you give a final approval on the document. If the document looks great, you can click ‘Send’ to upload the document to your account profile. If the document has more than one page, you can instead click the ‘Add Page’ option to scan the next page, where you can repeat this process until you have the full document ready to upload.


Once you are done, select the ‘Send Securely’ button to upload the document. You will get a confirmation once the document has upload successfully, and you can then close out of the app, or you can instead just click the ‘OK’ button that would appear to go back to the home page of your app.

send securely

Final notes: Scanning your documents in via the app is secure. Also, the scanned documents are not saved on your phone like they would be if you take a picture and send them in via email.

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