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Buying a home is a large investment. Fortunately, there are many affordable housing opportunities available to help make home financing more attainable from low-to-no down payment options to down payment and closing cost assistance grants and more. Did you know you could have as low as a 0% down payment to buy a home? 

Low-to-No Down Payment

Did you know you could have as low as a 0% down payment to buy a home? Check out the great options below by searching “Low to No DP” in the category section to see low to no down payment opportunities to qualified borrowers.

Down Payment Assistance (DPA) or Grants

Many organizations provide funds to qualified homebuyers to help meet down payment requirements or closing cost assistance. Search “DPA” in the category section below to see available options. These funds are subject to availability. 


SPARC is a special allocation of reduced rate funding made available by Virginia Housing financing to local governments, non-profits and housing industry partners to support special housing needs. Funds are allocated to the sponsor organizations based on applications submitted by the housing agency to Virginia Housing. It is a 1.00% adjustment to the interest rate below Virginia Housing interest rates on comparable eligible products. Search “SPARC” in the category section below to see available options.

Affordable Homes

Affordable homes included, but are not limited to:

  • Community Land Trusts (CLT) – CLTs are offered by a private, nonprofit organization that owns land on behalf of a community, promoting housing affordability and sustainable development and mitigating historical inequities in homeownership and wealth building. Community residents can purchase their homes but not the land on which the houses sit. Instead, residents enter into low-cost, long-term property leases with the CLT.
  • Affordable Dwelling Units – These units are offered to qualified low and moderate-income families as defined by the selling entity.
  • Homes being sold below market value by an entity that has a designated program to help increase and sustain homeownership.

Search “Affordable Homes” in the category below to see available options.


C&F is dedicated to providing additional resources to ensure all future homeowners have the tools and resources they need to be successful. These materials are purely educational and can be found by searching “resources” in the category section below or going to C&F University.

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